Friday, September 4, 2015

Inside My Planner - Webster's Pages Color Crush!

Hi Everyone,

Today I have something a little bit different for you.  I am sharing one of my planners and my planner desk with you.

My Planner

I updated my current planner to two more versatile choices.  Today I am sharing my new Webster's Pages Color Crush Planner in white.  I really like the size of this planner and it's just pretty!

I loved the dividers and the planner pages are really nice.  This planner will definitely inspire me throughout the year.  

Inside My Planner

I love pretty little things so I decided to full my planner with as much as I could. I chose a white planner for greater versatility.  I like to change things up and having a clean palette works wonderfully for me.  I have the infamous page flags from the Target dollar spot.  I have to be honest, there wasn't too much at the "Dollar Spot" as I thought there would be from seeing all of the posts in the planner community.  It could also be that school just started and everything was gone! lol.

I have added a small clip from Melissa Frances.  This clip can easily be added to the top of the binder to the page will close easily.  I am going to add pieces of felt to the inside of the clip so the leather does not get marred. I added a paper bow to the center of the clip and then added a "Whimsie" resin flower from Webster's Pages.

I saw a beautiful pack of cards by Papyrus and I could not resist getting them.  I cut the card in half and placed it in front of my dashboard. 

I was able to pick up a pack of sticky notes from the "Target dollar spot."  They only had this design left.  I will definitely check back after the students get settled into school.  I also added sticky notes from Heidi Swapp and Recollections.  The mechanical pencil is also from the "Dollar Spot."

Erin Condren LifePlanner

Just a quick peek at my new Erin Condren LifePlanner.  This will be my everyday "workhorse" planner.

I ordered an extra cover, personalized notepads, coil clips (great invention) and a monthly budget book.  If you are considering a planner for the new year I highly recommend this one. You can get $10 off your first order by following this link:

Washi Organization

I love to be organized.  It just makes my life a little bit easier.

I am always looking for storage/display solutions and I think I have found a new favorite for my washi!  I bought this handy washi storage system from Michael's craft store.  It has serrated edges which is really convenient.

I can remove the sections so I can easily access the tape I want to work with for my project.

Planner Desk

This is just a fun quick photo of my planner area.  I have a larger craft desk but wanted a quaint space for planning.  I transformed the desk area of my secretary (Ikea) into a planning station.

Well, that's a quick look a another area of my craft space.  I hope you enjoyed the view.

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